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My Nutrition Philosophy

I think there are countless ways to eat healthy and it takes some experimenting to figure out what is best for each of my clients, myself and my family! I personalize your nutrition based on your unique taste preferences, health conditions, goals, and phase of life. I believe God heals through many avenues and frequently He provides resources through our food.

My Nutrition Practice

Even before our first appointment I spend time reviewing your extensive new patient forms to get a good picture of your overall health. I view your body as one connected system rather than separate parts. It is important to me to discover your unique sources of inflammation and investigate the state of your gut as we determine the best steps for you nutritionally. We will investigate the root of your health conditions rather than simply addressing symptoms. As you work with your doctor, I want to help get your labs into optimal ranges rather than “normal” and I can help you to advocate for your own health.

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